Trust Scrap Metal Merchants to Take Care of a Hoon’s Mashed Remains

For all their flash and raw power, hoon cars are never a good sight on the road. Sometimes, the only way they can be put off the road permanently is to turn them into scrap. Amy Noonan of Adelaide newspaper The Advertiser noted as much with the crushing of two cars confiscated by the South Australian government back in October 2010.

Adelaides hoon cars crushed for scrap metal

A number of states in Australia already have their own anti-hooning laws. Cars caught for hooning may range from the top-of-the-line cars to older units that have become “sleeper” vehicles in their own right. If you want to unload a chunk of scrap metal that was once a car or a hoon that has been written off, trusted scrap metal merchants like Global Resources are ready to get it off your hands.

The volume of the final crushed unit may be determined when submitted to a scrap metal firm for subsequent disposal at a processing plant. Road Safety Minister Jack Snelling and Tony Harrison, then-assistant commissioner of the South Australia Police, were on hand to see the crushing of a Nissan Pintara and a Toyota Cressida sedan at Gillman. Both vehicles were put on top of each other as they were attached inside a mobile crushing bed.

The rationale for the above case of hoon car crushing and the sale of the flattened wreck as scrap may be borne out of penalties. Officials said the two cars belonged to two drivers who had at least 90 offences on record. Under state law, a hoon vehicle can be destroyed if its driver has committed at least two serious motoring offences within the same year.

Arranging for the destruction of a junk car is appropriate when you have a severely deteriorated vehicle on your property yet environmental concerns stop you from ditching it anywhere. Your preferred scrap metal buyer may help you arrange a pick-up of the item after careful inspection. Consider the possibility, though, that some of the vehicle’s parts may still be stripped for further use, particularly the engine and brakes.

Disposing of cars that are powerful though no longer street-legal can be a deterrent to vehicle-based crime. At the same time, if your trusted ride has given up the ghost, and the cost of restoring it simply proves too great, you can call scrap metal buyers such as Global Resources to free up some space and earn cash in return.

(Source: Adelaide’s hoon cars crushed for scrap metal, The Advertiser)