Scrap Metal Pick up Operations Rid Your Property of Potential Hazards

Certain residential properties contain so much junk they practically beg to be quarantined and their contents hauled off for disposal due to health concerns. Emily Crane of Daily Mail Australia writes about one such property in the greater Adelaide area that is in dire need of attention from a scrap metal pick up service. The owner has apparently dismissed concerns about the need to tidy his place up.

Abandoned cars, overgrown weeds and scrap metal-The squalid frontyard mess that hasnt been touched in 13 years - at an $80,000 cost to taxpayers

Crane writes that the Playford Council spent over $80,000 in legal fees since 2001 to force David Tavitian of Shaftesbury Road in Elizabeth Vale to clean up his yard. The situation took a turn for the worse in 2006, when an environmental compliance inspection yielded traces of rat faeces, an old refrigerator, and spent wheels. Tavitian’s repeated defiance finally forced the Council to escalate the matter to the Supreme Court. Officials state the problem constituted illegal change of land use from “residential to residential and storage of scrap metal.”

The above may be but a sampling of the recycling issues that currently hound Australians. Some experts say the decline of the country’s local automotive industry raises concerns about what can be done with all that leftover metal even as other sectors shift to green practices. If you do have a considerable amount of non-ferrous material that you are better off without, you can enlist the help of companies like Global Resources International Pty Ltd.

An evaluation of the material up for disposal will be required on site, and you may be given a full quote accordingly. A check of Tavitian’s property at present revealed multiple objects including a midsize van, at least three unused sedans, a tent frame, reinforced mesh wire, tyres, and several old bikes. The entire property itself is cordoned off by a long line of large metal roofing panels positioned high enough so no one can peek inside.

It’s never too late to “detox” your property of objects that could constitute obvious health and safety hazards, particularly rusty metal objects. An AQSIQ- and ISO9001-certified company that buys scrap for cash, such as Global Resources, is perfectly positioned to handle similar situations in your community. They can arrange for an on-site pickup or to have the metal stock weighed at a processing facility, where you will be paid an appropriate sum.

(Source: Abandoned cars, overgrown weeds and scrap metal: The squalid frontyard mess that hasn’t been touched in 13 years – at an $80,000 cost to taxpayers, Daily Mail, 25 November 2014)