Scrap for Cash: When Making Money out of Decrepit Cars Makes Sense

Any motor vehicle, like any other machine, eventually reaches the end of its service life—and upgrades could not make that much difference anymore. The only option left for the old vehicle may be to finally consign it to the scrap yard, but as Stuart Masson, in his website The Car Expert, says, there are ways to sell scrap and make money from it.

Although prices for scrap metals have declined, the demand for them has not abated at all for use in various industries, including the manufacture of newer and more efficient vehicles. The demand for second-hand parts even fuelled a wave of auto thefts targeting popular vehicles in certain low-income areas, according to the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council. If you have an old car that’s long been taken off the road, you can still make money off it by contacting companies, such as Global Resources, that buy scrap for cash.

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Before you try to take out the parts that you could sell, first get a certified auto mechanic to determine what killed your car. You cannot sell broken parts, but you can take apart the others and find the best places that can offer you a good price for the parts, including automotive component systems that may no longer be available on the market.


Before you proceed, you’ll have to take the car battery out and drain the fuel and other fluids into specific containers for use on your other car. Leading scrap metal buyers like Global Resources will accept the engine and transmission with no oil or other fluids still inside. Siphon the fuel tank dry, away from high-temperature environments.

Some other parts of the vehicle cannot be accepted for processing at your preferred scrap metal-buying firm; sort out and gather together the preferred parts or items on your buyer’s list. The tyres can be sold at another tyre dealership for recycling, but seek help separating them from the rim. Masson suggests removing interior items, such as the seats, steering wheel, and the sound system, and selling them separately.

Retained Essence

Once you’ve dealt with parts that the scrap metal buyer will accept, and those it will not, get the price quotes for the items they are willing to pay for. You can also have them inspect the stripped vehicle, or send them pictures of it, for advice. Copper wiring, the rims, and the car body, are acceptable, as well as the alternator for the engine. Extra value, too, for doors, bonnet, and boot that are intact.

Selling a dead car parts to the scrap yard is one great way to lighten your load by getting rid of clutter you no longer need. Call up a company like Global Resources today, and earn some cash in the process.

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