Recycling Scrap Metal in St Marys: You, Can, Steel Save the Planet

The Earth can only produce and give so much natural resources until human activity and reckless consumption depletes whatever is left. So it’s definitely a good thing that many are now making moves to care for the environment, usually by practicing the 3 R’s of sustainability—reduce, reuse, and recycle.

National Recycling Week

Recycling in Australia

In the past decades, Australia along with other nations have initiated several changes and drafted new legislation to promote recycling and similar sustainable practices. In fact, the National Recycling Week, an annual campaign to educate and bring about positive change, is now on its 19th year and was recently celebrated in Australian schools. As Jane Howard Learn reports in her article for the Herald Sun:

AUSTRALIAN school students ate nude food, recycled waste and fed food scraps to worm farms in aid of Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week last week.


St Joan of Arc Year 1 teacher and environment co-ordinator Kathleen Barone said the school student environment group had embraced the sustainability message and spread the word to teachers, parents and other students.


“This initiative has been a rewarding experience for the students and school community — the students have shown much pride in caring for their environment each day and seeing first-hand the difference a small contribution can make to their planet,” Ms Barone said.

Recycling is something that children must learn early and it’s for everyone to incorporate in their everyday life. Other than plastic and paper, however, note that scrap metal in St Marys and other places in New South Wales should be recycled too.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Mineral deposits are non-renewable, and it’s a wonderful coincidence that metals can be recycled without sacrificing their important properties, namely strength, malleability, and conductivity. Most items that are made of 50% metal can be recycled. If you have junk or scrap metal(s) lying around your home or workplace, it’s time for you to call on leading scrap metal merchants such as Global Resources International Pty Ltd that will turn your scrap into cash, proving that it indeed pays to try and save the planet.

Metals Accepted for Recycling

What scrap metals can you sell? Majority of merchants buy items made of copper (pipes, cables, sheets, coils, etc.), aluminum (sheets, wheel rims, cans, etc.), steel, and brass. Junk electric motors, radiators, obsolete machinery, and air conditioning components are welcome as well. On the other hand, there may be exceptions, so it’s best that you give your chosen scrap metal dealer a call and inquire about the metals that they purchase and recycle.

(Source: National Recycling Week 2014 gets Australian students behind the Schools Recycle Right Challenge, Herald Sun, November 25, 2014)

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